Dominica's Economic Citizenship Programme

A number of countries offer citizenship to persons of other countries, but Dominica?s offer, known as the Economic Citizenship Programme, is uniquely attractive. This is because of the following:

  • No residence requirement:

    Under the programme a person can become a citizen of Dominica without having to reside in or even visit Dominica.

  • Full rights of citizenship:

    There are no classes of citizenship in Dominica. A person who becomes a citizen through the programme has full rights including to live and work in Dominica and to own land in the country. He cannot be deprived of citizenship except for fraud connected with his application. He cannot be deported from the country and even his children born after his acquisition of citizenship are also entitled to become citizens.

  • The price:

    Dominica has the best priced second citizenship/passport programme on the market. For more information on the price click here

  • Visa free entry:

    A person who is the holder of a Dominica passport can travel visa free to a large number of countries including England and Switzerland.

  • No taxes:

    Citizens of Dominica pay no taxes on their worldwide income. Taxes are only payable on income accruing from Dominica. Further, Dominica has no inheritance tax, wealth tax or capital gain tax.

  • Dual/Multiple Citizenship:

    An applicant is not obliged to renounce his existing citizenship to become a citizen of Dominica. A citizen of Dominica may have dual or multiple citizenship.

  • Ease of obtaining visas:

    Even for countries such as the United States and the Schengen states (in Europe) where Dominica passport holders require visas, it is relatively easy to obtain such visas.

  • Minimum renewal fees:

    A passport is issued by the Government of Dominica for a maximum of ten (10) years. Such passports can, upon expiration, be renewed for a fee of US$_______. Passports can be renewed or reissued at any Dominica embassy or High Commission.

  • English Language Not Required:

    An applicant for Dominica citizenship is not required to know or speak the English Language.

  • Confidentiality::

    Applications for Dominica citizenship are handled with the strictest confidentiality and with sensitivity and discretion. No person, Government or Governmental authority is informed about the applicant or the application.