Secondary Citizenship / Secondary Passport

Having the citizenship of another country may be necessary or convenient for a variety of reasons. For example:

  • Ease of travel:

    Holding the passport of another country may enable a person to travel visa-free to a large number of other countries or it may make it easier for him to obtain visas to countries where visas are required.

  • Tax planning:

    In order to lawfully lessen the tax payable in his own country, a person may find it necessary or convenient to acquire the citizenship of another country.

  • Security:

    Persons travelling in certain parts of the world are exposed to higher security risks if their native citizenship becomes known. In such a case, having the passport of another country might be a life saver.

  • Political risks:

    There are certain countries where the risk of civil strife and a breakdown of law and order is a real possibility. Persons from these countries may wish to guarantee their physical and economic safety and that of their family by having a country to which they can migrate if it becomes necessary to flee their native country.

  • Stateless persons:

    There are many persons who, unfortunately, do not belong to any country.Such persons can seize the opportunity to become the citizen of a country for the first time.

  • Gateway to migration:

    The ease of migration to certain countries such as the United States and Canada depends, in certain cases, on the country of citizenship of the applicant. A person can therefore improve his chances of migrating to such countries by changing his citizenship.